Who am I?

If I say that I am Sara Popa, S-a-r-a P-o-p-a, am I just a collection of letters? No. We came to this world not to be only a collection of letters. Who are you may be the most difficult question because it has thousands of answers and more. But I will tell you a little about myself. Because most of the time we are never done knowing ourselves completely.

I was born in San Pedro, Honduras. I study finance and the Romanian language. Currently I reside in Romania. I launched my blog on Facebook in August 2015, as a personal space and for things that I can share with others. I have many passions: science, astronomy, culture, philosophy, reading, fashion, travel, business, dreaming and flying in the imagination stuff that I write. I share my travels and the interviews that I take with important people: entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists, and politicians.

My blog has fans from more than 25 countries and has thousands of daily visits. I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries, to go to diplomatic events, fashion and artistic events. I have also volunteered in many places. I was on TV, on the radio, and was interviewed by many newspapers. I organized events and initiatives to improve society. I also gave many talks in schools and other public institutions. My purpose is to get to the reader in the most natural way possible. My first book is coming out soon and is scheduled to be printed in 2017.

 Welcome to my world!


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